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Integration Vision 1
Before beginning this course, I already had an idea of my personal goals for technology use in my classroom.

Integration Vision 2
In the past few weeks, I have been introduced to so many new tools and strategies that have influenced a few changes in my original vision.

Copyright and Fair Use
This document was created as I was still learning a few things about copyright myself. I have already shared this with my students, and it was proven to be effective. Our class discussion on copyright sparked numerous questions from my students, and they have since begun to cite pictures that they include in their papers, and list resources they have used to find information on the Internet.

My Diigo
Diigo has been a great organizational tool for me. In the past I never really grouped my favorite tools in one easily accessible area. I would simply add them to "My Favorites" or type them into a search engine, which proved to be very inconvenient. This tool also enables me to view the Diigo sites of other teachers, so I can keep "current" on the latest and greatest tools or online information.

Independent Student PowerPoint
Science is a great subject to integrate technology. There are numerous resources for information, animations, and virtual experiences that the students can experience online. I developed this PowerPoint presentation that students can work through independently. I have already used this assignment with my students in science class, and in the future I would include my voice on the slides for further clarification on directions.

Web 2.0 Tool
Wiffiti is a great source for collaboration among students. I choose to use this tool in my classroom as an activating strategy/pre-assessment tool to evaluate what the students aleady know about a certain topic. This is a question I posted in the story elements lesson on my Wiki.

Story Elements Wikispace
Wikispaces are a great resource for teachers and students alike. Even though I do not use Wikispaces as frequently as Moodle, I was easily able to add the link for my Wikispace onto my Moodle page. I love that you can embed your favorite Web 2.0 tools right into your page.

Xtranormal Workshop
As a professional educator, I believe it is essential to constantly take advantages of any opportunities for professional development. Technology is a great subject for teachers because of the rapidly-developing world online. I have developed a plan for an Inservice presentation on Xtranormal. I chose this tool because there are so many uses for the videos, they are easy to create, and they succeed in capturing students' attention.