Sharon Marvon
South Western School District
225 Bowman Rd.
Hanover, PA 17325

**This is a link to my wikispace** This link will take you to my classroom wikispace. Spanish and French resources are available here.

**Tech Vision I** This is my original Technology Vision for my French/Spanish classroom.

Tech Vision II This is my Tech Vision II which is basically the same as the original with changes. There are quite a few additons to my vision based on Web 2.0 and 3.0 tools for my Foreign Language classroom.

Copyright Information This is my summary of Copyright Laws which affect teachers and students as well. This is an easy reference sheet for teaching copyright to students and as a refresher for teachers.

**Additon in Spanishppt.ppt** This is a tool to assess student knowledge of Spanish numbers. The students will create their own addition slide using clipart pictures of nouns to represent the numbers in the Spanish addition problems. The slides will be combined to create a class Powerpoint review of Spanish numbers.

**Spanish Numbers Unit** This Spanish numbers unit will be used after the students have been introduced to numbers using the language teaching "Total Physical Response" method. After students are familiar with the numbers, each student will create a PowerPoint Slide. Their slides will be put into a class PoweerPoint for use as a review of numbers and addition. Students will take an online Quiz and as a summarizing activity, create a Photostory in groups of four. The group will choose a topic from a list of options in order to use this Web 2.0 tool to demonstrate their knowledge of Spanish numbers. The choices are differentiated so that the group can choose a method to demonstrate their knowledge in a way which best suits their learning ability.

**Spanish Numbers Quiz** This is the online Quiz the students will take during their numbers unit.

**My Social Bookmarks for Spanish and French** These websites will be excellent assets to French and Spanish teachers as well as students.
I use most of them in my classroom.

**Workshop for Teaching with a Web 2.0 Tool** This is a three hour workshop on how to use Photostory in the classroom. Teachers of any subject area can use this tool for students to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic. It is an excellent summarizing activity and can be differentiated for various student learning levels.