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external image old-computer.jpgWhat does a techology infused classroom look like? Every teacher would probably have a very different answer for this question. This is what I thought before taking this class and learning about many new technologies.
Technology Infused Originalexternal image DSC_0178.JPGNow that I have finished learning about new and different Web 2.0 tools, many of my ideas have changed. This is how I would describe it now.

external image CopyrightSymbol.pngCopyright and Fair Use for educators is a very important aspect of the teaching and learning. Teachers need to
understand the law about use and not only use it in an ethical way, but also teach students how to use information.
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external image diigo_logo2.jpg Social networking sites are a forum for professionals to share information on common interests no matter where they are located geographically. This is important for educators who can now collaborate with teacher all over the world.

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Audicity is a free software program that allows a person to record a voice either with or without music and edit accordingly. This allowed me to read a vocabulary and question project I gave with each unit of study. This allows students to not only look at the assignment to but to hear it as well.

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Wikispaces is an online community where information can be shared and edited by members. I use this tool to share class information with students and parents. It is also a place where students and parents check on weekly assignments for each class.
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external image imageprojectgif.gifProject based learning is uses authentic learning activities that are engaging and motivating for students. Project Based Learning teaches students 21 st century skills as well as content. These skills include communication, presentation skills, time management skills, research, skills, self-assessment and group participation skills.

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external image leadership2.jpg​​It is important for educators to be keep up to date on technology but also to become leaders and share thier knowledge and learning with others in their school community as well as thier collegues. This is a brief overview of how to go about planning an educational opportunity for other teachers in the district.