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Just entering the education field, I have two goals that I would like to accomplish throughout my professional career. First, I would like to continue my education by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Curriculum from Penn State York. Getting the degree will both strengthen my knowledge as a professional as well as prepare me for the changing and challenging field of teaching. Through the program at Penn State York, I will have the opportunity not only to take a wide variety of classes to increase my understanding but also to implement the knowledge I have gained to enhance student learning. Upon completion of the master’s program, I plan to enroll in a second master’s program. Although I have not decided what additional degree in which to specialize, I believe that teaching is a journey of learning that never ends. By taking classes throughout my teaching career, I will continue to grow professionally, meet the diverse needs of my students, and model the importance of education. As the demands placed on educators’ increases, I know that the background knowledge I gain through continuing education will allow me to stay flexible and adaptable to new ways of teaching and learning. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities that I anticipate and look forward to overcoming with a repertoire of skills and strategies.


As education continues to develop and change, the importance of integrating technology has increased. For that reason, I have developed my vision of technology integration in the classroom to enhance student learning and discovery. Below are links to my vision before my technology integration class as well as the revised version upon completion of the class.


Integrated Technology in my Classroom.doc


Integrated Technology in my Classroom revised.doc


In school, students' use of the Internet has increased. As a result, responsibility with technology and the Internet also increases especially with respect to copyright and fair use. Click on the document below to see my handout that takes a student through an Internet activity to
explore and learn about both copyright and fair use.

Copyright for Kids.doc


Although society has begun to use social networking for personal reasons, educators can also use social networking sites to enhance instruction. For example, I can bookmark sites for students to use with research projects and independent learning assignments. Moreover, the sites that I bookmark will gear their focus to relevant and appropriate sites. Students can also use this site to review concepts and skills from class. Below is a link to my Diigo site that stores all of my bookmarked sites as well as RSS feed from the site.

My Diigo Site


    For students to really learn how to use technology, they need to experience it for themselves. By integrating technology activities that the students can use themselves without my assistance, I can establish a means for them to feel successful using technology and also provide them with the opportunity to explore the technology without someone doing it for them. Below I have a link to my professional wikispace that I use as a webpage. On it, you will see an evaluation form created in Google Forms that I embedded so that the students evaluate my performance by completing it. Once the students submit their responses, Google Forms will create a spreadsheet to analyze the data it receives. The students love using technology, and integrating it into the classroom gives them the opportunity to use it educationally.

    Teacher Evaluation


    Technology integration no longer consists of showing students Powerpoints. Instead, as educators, we need to focus not only on introducing technology to students, but also on allowing students to use and experience the technology tools for themselves. Below I have more links to my wikispace. These pages were created so that students could use a variety of technology and Web 2.0 tools to show their learning by creating projects. The project links below contain relevant information to connect to class, descriptions of available tools from which they could choose to create their project, rubrics that explain the expectations for the final product, and a listing of both Pennsylvania and National Technology standards.

    Differentiated Advertisement Assignment A
    Differentiated Advertisement Assignment B
    Differentiated Advertisment Assignment C
    Advertisment Rubrics


    Teaching is the best way to demonstrate understanding. By collaborating with colleagues, I can not only gain knowlege but also contribute my own. If I were to teach my own professional development workshop, I would like to introduce Google Docs to my colleagues. I believe Google Docs is a great tool for educators to use both professionally for themselves and also as an integrated resource with students. Below I have attached an outline for a potential workshop I could potentially teach.

    Professional Development Workshop.doc