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Technology Integration

At the beginning of the course, we were asked to write a short essay outlining our beliefs about integrating technology. At the conclusion of the course, I revisited this essay with the information and knowledge that I have acquired. Both essays are included below.

Technology Integration Paper: Technology Integration Paper.doc

Technology Integration Paper Revised: Technology Integration Paper Revised.doc


When dealing with technology in the classroom, it is important to be sure you are in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law. I have included a handout which gives a basic overview of Copyright Law for educators.

Copyright Handout: Copyright Handout.doc

Social Bookmarking

The use of social bookmarking has allowed educators to share internet sites with students. I have included several of my favorite sites for students and fellow music educators.

Mrkirsch's Favorite Links on Student from Diigo
Social bookmarking site:

Independent Learning

Today's educators face many demands, most notably time, and more specifically, time for individual attention to each student. By creating resources that students can use independently, we alleviate a big burden from an educator. I have included a podcast I made for students to use while working through their recorder unit.

Brown Belt Practice: BrownBeltPractice.mp3

Project Based Learning

Project based learning and integrating technology go hand in hand. Throughout the course, I've learned ways to utilize technology tools to allow students an alternative way to synthesize and indicate what they have learned. In addition to exciting and motivating the students, technology is a great way to differentiate instruction to meet each students' needs. Below is a link to my project based learning activity, complete with an assessment rubric, directions for the students and listings of MENC and NETS standards that are addressed.

Project Based Learning Activity:

Educational Leadership

As educators, we are always searching for something to help our students. The most effective way to help our students is by collaborating with others and learning from them. In the same manner, I feel that I need to share what I have learned with other teachers so that they too can begin utilizing these technology tools. I have included a basic outline of a presentation on Audacity that could be delivered to educators.

Professional Development Presentation: Professional Development Audacity.doc