Below are linked resources that you may find helpful as we proceed through EDUC 463.

Requesting Act 48 credits from Penn State: RequestAct48-PSU.pdf

Course Syllabus - revised


Electronic Professional Portfolio Requirements:
This portfolio is a compilation and collection of those areas we worked on throughout the semester. I have created a page for each of you. Locate your first initial - last name on the page navigation on the right. As you create your page, be creative while maintaining professional decorum and include the following elements:
  • Class 1: Vision for integrating technology - both original and revised
  • Class 2: Copyright & Fair Use handout
  • Class 3: Link to your social bookmarking site (Diigo, Delicious)
  • Class 4: Instructional integrated resource that your students use independently (Many of you created narrated PowerPoints.)
  • Class 5 & 6: Web 2.0 tools & Class page -- This is your personal wikispace but feel free to share some other web 2.0 tool account you established.
  • Class 7-10: This is your project-based learning activity that was the mid-term assignment that includes differentiation, the rubric, and standards noted.
  • Class 11: Educational Leadership - your 3-hour workshop plan

We will peer review these at our last class.


Professional development Powerpoint C11_Pro_Dev.ppt


ISTE Standards - C10-ISTE_Standards4Students-2007.pdf
Pennsylvania Academic Standards



external image blooms__revised_pyramids2.jpg
Copy html to Notepad, save as and include .html in file name.
Don’t forget Google Docs Forms

Rubrics: - Embed or save as an html.

Student can create a portfolio.


Differentiating Instruction with Technology handout


Project-based LearningLearning Style Inventories:

PBL Rubric: Project-based_Learning_Guidelines.pdf


Class Wiki

Hint: As you begin working on your wiki, you will want to continue to gear all your projects towards your mid-term, a project-based lesson. Below is the rubric I will use to score the 40 points for the lesson itself and the two residual assignments (incorporating differentiation and a rubric to score the students' projects). We will go over this in greater detail during our 7th class.

Making Your Wikispace "cheat sheet":

PBL Background Reading: While these readings are not mandatory, if you are not familiar with project-based learning, they would provide a nice background prior to Class 7.


NOTE: Your assignment this week is to post a tip of a web 2.0 tool in which you created an account and post it on the Collaboration tab.

Alma's Freebies List:'s_Freebies_List.pdf
SWSD Branded Western Wikispaces: (Your own page:
SWSD Google Apps Domain:
Web 2.0 Tools: These is a sample of Web 2.0 tools I used in class.


Educational Web Resources - A Closer Look

Below are 'cheat sheets' that I hope will help you as you develop a resource for your students to use independently.

Google Forms:

(created by Fred Hawthorne)

(I didn't get to Google Earth, but if you're adventurous, this is an awesome too!)


Internet Resources & Social Bookmarking

Google Searching Tips

Example of a Diigo Webslide: (Must create a list and add sites to that first.)

Feed Play




Digital drop box for copyright & fair use brochure: (The password is golions.)
Alma's copyright presentation:
Alma's Diigo bookmarks for copyright:



Information form: (Use this in case any of your information changes.)
History of the Internet:
Web 1.0 to 3.0 video: